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Artists Musicians Galleries
Masami Teraoka Kristin Sweetland Blue Ridge Artisans, Sperryville, VA
Jasper Johns Hackensaw Boys Bare Trees Gallery, Griffinsburg, VA
C.C. Wang Roger Manning Culpeper Antique Mall, Culpeper, VA
Marc Chagall Joey Figgiani Glassworks Gallery, Sperryville VA
Mike Kelley   Mountainside Pub, Sperryville, VA
Pablo Picasso Other  
Willem Dekooning Ten Thousand Monkeys  
Romare Bearden Irisweb.net  
Naoki Mitsuse LivingSky.org (for info about children's art contest)  
Frida Kahlo    
Cheri Samba    
Peter Blake    
Marisol Escobar    


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